Optimal Mental Health Management

27 October 2020 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am


Are we humans finally growing up? Are businesses, at long last, able to talk about formerly taboo subjects like mental wellbeing and mental health? The answer from this morning’s webinar is yes – all thanks to Covid-19 which has exposed our common humanity to many of the same anxieties and stress factors the world over. All thanks too to companies and leaders at all levels. They have stepped up to support, listen and empathise all while trying to stay authentic, managing their own stresses and running businesses. Do watch the video and listen to the conversation between Ms. Aditi Mahadevan of Citi, Mr. Matt Oon of Acceset and Mr. Yan Renyi of Prudential. Then ask yourself, how important is self-management?

The Chamber warmly thanks Aditi, Matt and Renyi for sharing their experiences, ideas and views with authenticity and those members of the audience who asked really good questions that enhanced the conversation.

Click here to watch the webinar recording.

Organised in conjunction with Prudential’s Building Better Business Initiative:


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