The Chamber’s advocacy activities cover all the bases:

  • Reflecting members’ concerns and providing specific, win-win recommendations to government on everything from cybersecurity to manpower to taxation policies and policy implementation.

  • Supporting Singapore by selling this multi-cultural country to investors and helping members navigate Singapore Inc.

  • Championing the circular economy – highlighting the commercial opportunities in taking action to transition the economy to circular models of production and consumption. Why? Because this is the best way to ensure the survival of our planet, our species and to achieve true business sustainability.

  • Encouraging collaborative innovation – as collaboration is often the quickest way for companies to innovate.

  • Championing anti-ageism, diversity, inclusion, and talent integration in the workplace and on company boards – because consistent teamwork, diversity of thinking and equality of opportunity for all are essential for sustained business success.

  • Championing selfless leadership, because it achieves positive workplace culture, engaged teams, fully implemented business plans and responsible businesses rooted in the community.

  • Championing continual learning for leaders and their teams to facilitate skills development and application for individual and business success.
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