Helmed and formed by our most active members, 8 Interest Groups provide members with the opportunity to learn from each other, to share expertise and to drive thought leadership. Interest Groups extend members’ networks and enable them to reach out to the business community and the government.



Learn and share how to succeed in a vital and rapidly growing region.


Corporate Governance & Regulatory

Stay up to date with and influence rules and regulations.


What does digitalisation mean for your business and learn how to transform.

Human Development

With the creation of a positive workplace in every business as its goal.

Legal Services

A learning and networking hub for lawyers and in-house counsels.


An imperative for every business - how to change your business model to survive.

Human Capital

Tax Policy

Making recommendations to improve Singapore's tax regime.

Entrepreneurs Singapore

For everyone either embarking or advanced on their entrepreneurial journey who is committed to supporting others on the same journey.

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