Innovation and Sustainability

3 August 2023 @ 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Schneider Electric Innovation Hub Singapore

Which comes first: innovation or sustainability? This was one of the questions posed to our panellists Mr. Malcolm Omond, Senior Director, Workplace Programs – APAC, Google Asia Pacific, Ms. Oh Chu Xian, Founder and CEO, Magorium, Mr. Kenneth Ng, Global Sustainability Lead, Razer and Mr. Jackson Seng, Vice-President, Sustainability and Strategy, Schneider Electric on 3 August 2023. The consensus was the business problem always comes first and the solutions to it will involve collaborative innovation which now needs to be sustainable to prevent creating new problems.

Other topics included the need for mindset change and action from consumers and all businesses especially SMEs. Education always helps especially if we keep things simple so messaging and solutions can be easily understood and adopted. The enabling power of MNCs helping SMEs in their supply chains marries enlightened self interest with commercial common sense. Increasing regulation will force mindset change too because being sustainable is really now all about business survival.

Following the panel conversation and dialogue members had the advantage of a learning journey at Schneider Electric’s Singapore Innovation Hub.

Special thanks, once again, to our speakers for their fresh perspectives and use cases, to our audience for its questions and to our event sponsor, Schneider Electric, for its hospitality and the chance to explore the technologies used to make Schneider’s building carbon neutral.

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