5 Key Skills Needed in the Digital Economy

9 November 2017 @ 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

SICC Members' Room, Singapore

The digital age has brought about emerging technologies like robots, artificial intelligence and machine learning. While these technologies improve productivity and the quality of goods and services, many of today’s jobs will become irrelevant in the near future. The Chamber invited Dr Jaclyn Lee, Senior Director of Human Resources & Head of HR Technology and Analytics at the Singapore University of Technology and Design to share what capabilities PMETs can equip themselves with in order to stay usefully employed.

Jaclyn highlighted 5 key skills at an afternoon talk on 9 November:

  1. Innovative and adaptive thinking so as to come up with solutions beyond that which is routine
  2. Virtual collaboration and social intelligence
  3. Ability to work across disciplines and transfer/integrate knowledge
  4. Literacy in different types of media for better and more persuasive communication
  5. Computational thinking and analytics
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