International Business Opportunities

The latest issue of International Business Opportunities is now available. Updated fortnightly, this e-newsletter provides you with information on overseas events as well as trade opportunities from partners, trade associations and embassies.

Updated as at: 3 June 2019

The following company is looking for Singapore Exporters / Manufacturers of:


Company Contact Person Email / Website
003 Metal and its products Copper wire scrap. Melex Group Indonesia Johan Marino
The following companies are looking for Singapore Importers / Distributors of:
Category Product Company Contact Person Email / Website
028 Edible Oil Soyabean and Canola oil. Canaddin Pride Foods Inc Abdul Wahab
Category Product Company Contact Person Email / Website
029 Foodstuffs Onions, potatoes, garlic, ginger and vegetables. Igrow Exim Private Limited Kketann Renusey
The following tenders have been called for from:
Hong Kong
Tender Details
067 For the supply of purified inactivated influenza vaccines to the Department of Health on a 12-month contract.
Quantity: 2 Groups.
Tender No: A4100022019
Closing Date: 5 July 2019 (12.00 noon)
*These tender documents are covered by the World Trade Organization Agreement on Government Procurement (WTO GPA) and will not involve electronic auction. This notice also serves as a summary notice required under WTO GPA.

Open tendering is adopted.

Further tender details are available via the Government Logistics Department’s (GLD) e-Tender Box webpage:

Information on e-tendering is available at the ETB website:

For enquiries on the opening of an online supplier account and usage of the services of ETB, please contact the ETB Help Desk via tel: (852) 2231 5353 / 5354, fax: (852) 2503 1165 or email:

For tender documents on compact discs (CD-ROMs), please contact Mr K L Chau via tel: (852) 2231 5300 or fax: (852) 2807 2764.


17th China International Coking Technology and Coke market Congress 2019, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China, 4 – 6 September 2019

For enquiries, please contact the following organization:

Name Guangjun Qiu
Organization Metallurgical Council – CCPIT
Precautionary Notes

Members are advised to appraise the bonafides of trade openings before extending credit facilities.

Original correspondence (including catalogue/brochure and specifications/details, if any) can be seen at the Chamber Secretariat during office hours.

The above trade opportunities are published solely for the information of members and the Chamber does not take any responsibility for them.