Launch of The 2017 SICC Awards: Celebrating Collaborative Innovation

Singapore, 26 April 2016 – Launched in April 2016 the SICC Awards aim to celebrate, learn from and recognise the commercial collaboration between large and small companies. Typical collaborations include those between large companies and their SME supply chain partners. Other collaborations see large companies using nimbler SMEs to help them solve problems, create and rollout new products and services. All collaborations have innovation at their heart.

Last month’s Budget Statement put great emphasis on the need for all of us to keep innovating and collaborating because these are essential to achieving Singapore’s economic transformation. The SICC Awards could not be more relevant or topical to companies and to the Singapore economy.

Is this the first year that SICC is organising these awards?

The SICC Awards were launched in 2015. Thanks to the support of members, partners, sponsors and our own great events team, we had a very successful inaugural Awards Ceremony in February this year during which we celebrated and learned from collaborative innovation.

Are these awards only for SICC members or can non-members take part too?

The SICC Awards are open to both members and non-members alike.

What’s different for the 2017 SICC Awards and what are the award categories?

We’ve increased the number of award categories from 2 in 2016 by 5 new ones* to a total of 7 for 2017 so that more members and non-members can take part. Here are the award categories each with a brief description:

  1. Most Transformational Collaboration honours the collaboration that results in the biggest gains either by or both the large company and SME in the areas of increased capacity, value creation, productivity improvements, revenue growth and/or return on investments.
  2. Most Scalable Transformation recognises the collaboration the methodology or process of which can be most easily transferred within the same industry and/or across industries.
  3. Most Technologically Disruptive Collaboration* honours the collaborative project that best harnesses the power of technology to positively disrupt the status quo to innovate processes, products or services and, thus, create new value for the collaborators and their customers.
  4. Most Green Collaboration* primarily celebrates the collaborative project that results in the most positive impact on the environment achieved by utilising the integrated design process in building design and construction. This award is also open to all collaborations which achieve a reduced carbon footprint or less pollution, or resource conservation or waste reduction or wildlife preservation.
  5. Best International Collaboration* honours the collaboration which has helped one or more SME grow and internationalize by successfully entering new overseas markets.
  6. Best Hiring Practices Collaboration* celebrates the collaboration between employers and employees. The award will go to the company with the best hiring practices and is chosen by its employees. To apply, a company must in the judgement of its employees hire on the basis of a candidate’s attitude, competencies, potential and skills and not narrowly or solely on academic results.
  7. Best Singapore Core Collaboration* celebrates collaboration between employers and employees. It will be awarded to the company which can demonstrate it has strengthened the teamwork of its Singaporean Core defined as Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents + its international talent.

When do nominations close?

Nominations close on 30 September 2016.

About the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce

The Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) is Singapore’s longest serving, independent, voluntary business association. Founded here in 1837 its mission is to represent business interests to help maintain a vibrant economy.

SICC creates value for its members in a wide range of content rich events featuring policy makers, public intellectuals and business leaders. Value is also created in committee work which brings members together to share concerns and expertise.

The Chamber also takes thought leadership positions on human capital related issues such as employee/employer engagement and advocates a strategic approach to human capital management to achieve competency based recruitment.

SICC also speaks out against ageism in the workforce and champions inclusive diversity in society.

The Chamber celebrates collaborative innovation in the SICC Awards which recognize and learn from commercial collaborations between large and small companies and between employers and employees.

SICC’s members represent the diversity of the Singapore business community: foreign and local MNCs and SMEs. With members from 40 nationalities and over 20 industry sectors, SICC remains the voice of international business in Singapore.

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