The Signature Series: Mr. Lee Chuan Teck

7 March 2024 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

Pursuing new pathways for growth

Today’s Signature Series event with Mr. Lee Chuan Teck, Chief Executive of Enterprise Singapore was one of the best we have hosted. That was all down to an open, clear, thoughtful and informative address by our distinguished speaker coupled by a rich variety of good questions from a very engaged audience. Chuan Teck can claim the credit for facilitating the high level of audience engagement both because of his opening address and by answering each and every question.

Enterprise Singapore is here to help businesses succeed. It helps many thousands of small Singapore businesses every year to become more productive. It helps thousands of businesses to expand abroad through a variety of transformative projects helped by its network of 37 overseas offices. There is a greater need than ever to ramp up collaboration between MNEs and SMEs. Enterprise Singapore’s Partnerships for Capability Transformation or PACT scheme comes immediately to mind to help SMEs enter new markets.

Ensuring consistent, quality economic growth is every developed economy’s key challenge. More so for a city-state like Singapore. For Singapore to continue to sustain its success, everyone – the whole of government, the private sector and society – will need to increase the level of partnership to help Singapore remain ultra-competitive. The same level of partnership will be needed to skillfully manage domestic constraints such as manpower by better utilizing our local human resources. The audience talked about attracting more women back into the workforce and combatting the inherent ageism in both our society and the workforce. The time to do this is now.

The Chamber thanks Chuan Teck for his time and valuable input and one of the best audiences we have had in a while.

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