The Commercial Benefits of Positive Workplace Culture

25 August 2022 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Prudential Tower

Thanks to the valued partnership we enjoy with our Premium Member Prudential Singapore, we held an in-person event on 25 August at Prudential’s office to learn more about companies that understand the commercial and societal benefits of positive workplace culture.

Keynote speaker Mr. Sherwin Siregar, Head of People Experience, Prudential Singapore started the session with an address highlighting why and how Prudential started its journey to co-create and sustain a positive workplace culture. Sherwin stressed the commercial need to remove barriers which prevent people from being able to bring their best selves to their jobs. This is the culture which Prudential is continuing to build to enable every employee to achieve their fullest potential and for the business and its customers to benefit from that potential.

Following his address, Sherwin was joined by Mr. Joshua Yim, Founder & CEO, Achieve Group in a panel conversation moderated by Mr. Victor Mills, SICC Chief Executive. The panel talked about the similarities of approaches towards building a positive workplace culture in large and smaller businesses. Leadership consistently walking the talk, engagement, communication and training especially of all people managers and the encouragement of self leadership and agency by everyone are key to success. Audience questions ranged across a wide range of topics including the implications of a multi-generational workforce, the importance of self-leadership, recognizing and also celebrating everyone’s differences and ultimately translating empathy and compassion into sustaining a positive workplace culture for everyone to excel.

We would like to thank Sherwin and Joshua for being so candid, secure and generous in sharing their insights and views. Our thanks, too, to the audience for its active participation.

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