Talent Development Series: Rising Through the Ranks

15 June 2017 @ 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

SICC Members' Room, Singapore

Our guest speaker, Dr Indigo Triplett, CEO of 4D Performance, led a lively discussion with members on performance management. She introduced the concept of the ‘Unwritten Rules’ – rules that are not found in an employee handbook but which employees are expected to know. Playing the game by these rules are important as they can hinder or catapult one’s career.

Dr Indigo also shared what an Individual Development Plan should encompass, for it to be meaningful for both the employee and the employer. Amongst the tips she shared are – creating 2-year and 5-year plans so that employees can set goals for themselves in the foreseeable future; include developmental activities in the plan that can help the employee hone the skill sets they need; and choosing a mentor who can guide the employee towards achieving his or her goals.

The next Talent Development Series: Creating a High-Performance Organisation conducted by Dr Indigo takes place on 17 August 2017. More details will be available soon and we look forward to another energetic session with all of you.

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