Sustaining a winning culture during challenging times

24 April 2024 @ 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

SICC Members' Room

Here’s what we learnt yesterday at the second of our Sustainability Event Series this year exclusively sponsored by Singapore American School (SAS) about how to sustain a winning culture:-

💡Workplace culture’s purpose is to enable personal, team and commercial success. It needs to be positive for all to achieve its purpose. To be positive you need a trust filled organization. That starts and continues with transformational leadership.
💡Leadership is not a role. It is a behavior. Everyone must self lead because everyone is accountable and responsible for their company’s culture. Culture is based on values and achieved by everyone practising behaviors to demonstrate those values.
💡Boards, senior leaders and all people managers have a bigger responsibility because they lead others and must strive to consistently walk the talk. More training is needed to equip people to lead others.
💡Culture diffuses downwards. Senior leaders need to enable and empower middle managers for each team’s lived experience to be equally positive, safe and productive.
💡You have a big problem if you have managers who are not concerned about people. Intervene immediately with relevant coaching and training.
💡Clarity and frequency of two-way communication between employers and employees enables trust and openness. Everyone needs to listen to each other.
💡Embrace the multi-generational workforce by remembering each of us is just an imperfect human. Each of us makes mistakes. Each of us needs to learn from our mistakes and not repeat the same ones.
💡Embrace Generative AI – 80% of jobs will be impacted by it.
💡Upskill everyone – especially every people manager.

For these and other insights we have to thank a terrific panel: Mr. Chris Harrington, President and Managing Partner, Dynamic Results Private Limited, Mr. Jason Seng, Partner, People Consulting, Ernst & Young Advisory Pte. Ltd. and Mr. Lam Weng Pui, HR Lead, Singapore and ASEAN One Enterprise, Microsoft, moderated by Mr. Alvin Goh, Executive Director, Singapore Human Resources Institute. In particular, we thank Jason for a very engaging and energetic presentation which not only set the context for our conversation but proved audiences respond to chocolate. Jason gave “prizes” of chocolates when members of the audience answered questions. We also thank our exclusive event sponsor SAS and a terrific audience for their energy and engagement.

The third instalment of our Sustainability Event Series will take place on 16 May 2024 when the topic will be Navigating Green Finance. We look forward to seeing you there!


Exclusive Event Sponsor

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