Mindfulness at Work: Leading with Integrity

28 October 2021 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am


What type of leaders do you prefer to work with? What important skills should a good leader possess? Building on to the past three instalments of the “Mindfulness at Work” Event Series, the Chamber’s Guest Speaker Mr. Ronnie Sabnani, Managing Principal, Infinye Incorporated shared useful tips to help one develop a leadership style with a high degree of integrity, authenticity and selflessness. Employees do gravitate towards leaders with a growth mindset especially in the post-Covid world where there is a constant need to transform. More importantly, leaders who have empathy can truly understand their teams and take them and their businesses to the next level.

The Chamber would like to thank Ronnie for taking us through the four important stages to achieving mindfulness at work and in our daily lives. We would also like to thank our audience members for their very engaged participation.

Watch the webinar recording here and start thinking if you possess the right leadership skills!

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