How do Business Leaders Survive & Thrive in a Post-Covid World?

8 December 2020 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am


On 8 December, the Chamber held a moderated panel conversation on surviving and thriving in a post-Covid world. We felt we had to take stock and look forward as we approach the end of this extraordinary year.

The panel talked about the lessons we have all learned this year in terms of managing the pandemic, its impact on the workforce and what it has meant for leadership in terms of increased empathy and appreciation for teams. This has included the welcome silver lining that mental wellbeing is now out of the closet and an acceptable subject for conversation and help in companies. Governance featured broadly for governments, companies and individuals. The pandemic has accelerated lasting change in how we work and the adoption of tech tools to facilitate our work. Above all, this year has taught us how important collaboration and teamwork are to achieve national, corporate and global outcomes. This will not be the last pandemic we will face so the importance of being pandemic vigilant is key. So, too, is the recognition that playbooks for one pandemic are not transferable to the next. They must be updated just like business continuity plans.

The Chamber would like to thank our panellists Devadas Krishnadas, Dr. Low Kiang Wei, Bapak Manggi Taruna Habir and Rachele Focardi for their time and insights. We would also like to thank our audience for their participation and questions.

Watch the recording of the webinar here.

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