Future-Back Thinking: Re-imagining the Future for Better Business Outcomes

13 August 2020 @ 3:00 pm - 4:35 pm


Businesses typically adopt present-forward thinking strategies while planning for the future. Our workshop guides, Ms. Eliza Quek, Mr. Grant Bosnick and Mr. Gunnar Jaschik, shared a different strategy – future-back thinking, where we ask: what does the future look like 10 years from now and what do we need to do now to shape better outcomes?

In this interactive workshop, Eliza, Grant, and Gunnar took participants through the three key steps from the playbook of future-back thinking which participants can adopt for their own strategic plans:

1. Define a possible future state for your business by analysing trends, forces, and issues,
2. Find insights and synergies and then choose one Strategic Opportunity Area to focus on. Next,
3. Design a future-back plan by creating 2-year milestones and identifying critical and priority actions to take to achieve those milestones, starting now.

Many thanks to Eliza, Grant, and Gunnar for sharing this methodology through an informative and interactive session. Our thanks, too, to participants for contributing their ideas.

Click here to access the webinar recording.

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