Fostering Responsibility and Independence in Children’s Lives

10 November 2022 @ 8:00 am - 10:30 am

Mandarin Oriental

The Chamber was delighted to host Dr. Jeff Devens, School Psychologist-Counsellor of Singapore American School as our guest speaker on 10 November 2022 at the fourth Sustainability Series event. This event series is exclusively sponsored by our Principal Strategic Partner, Singapore American School (SAS) and focuses on two key pillars of sustainability: people and planet.

Jeff is a great communicator and his energetic presentation really resonated with working parents. He provided practical advice and strategies for raising healthy, confident, responsible and independent children. He highlighted the importance of parents modelling good values and the behaviours which demonstrate them. When it comes to setting rules, Jeff advised us to have as few rules as possible, to always be intentional, explain what they mean and what the consequences are for breaking them. Parents should keep in mind to equip their children with the values and skills to deal with life’s challenges and not make the mistake of trying to manage the challenges on their behalf. How parents guide and teach the children will affect the way they handle rules and consequences and how they lead their lives. A key message to parents is to be consistent to produce an environment that is predictable for the children which then contributes to stability in the home based on mutual love.

The Chamber thanks Jeff for sharing his expertise and knowledge in a very engaging and clear way and to all guests for their participation. Special thanks to our Exclusive Event Sponsor SAS for its continuing support.

Exclusive Event Sponsor

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