Decarbonising My Business

9 November 2023 @ 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

KPMG Clubhouse

Everyone knows climate change is an undeniable reality impacting businesses and countries. Thanks to the Chamber’s Collaborative Initiative for Action (CIfA) in collaboration with Chamber member the Energy Institute and Chamber members, KPMG and Singapore Polytechnic, we had the opportunity today to hear from speakers all of whom are enablers and practitioners on how to undertake decarbonisation efforts to mitigate climate change. Key messages included:-

  • Decarbonisation is not just a moral obligation but also a strategic imperative for businesses, societies and countries to survive and thrive.
  • Organisations should take a long term, holistic view on decarbonisation to recognise and achieve returns, cost-savings and stay competitive.
  • SMEs in Singapore, and everywhere else, hold the key to successful climate change mitigation. It is crucial they take an active role in decarbonising their businesses including their day-to-day operations and their supply chain network.
  • Effective decarbonisation involves a sizeable amount of capital investment and SMEs frequently run into financial barriers in their Net Zero journey. SMEs can explore green financing and green loans to overcome the financial barriers for adoption of energy transition and decarbonisation technology solutions.
  • By accelerating the adoption of decarbonisation technology solutions and renewable energy sources, SMEs can reduce their environment footprint and improve their reputation all while creating value for customers and stakeholders.
  • Decarbonisation is a shared responsibility and requires cross-industry collaboration and public-private sector partnership to achieve it.

Many thanks, once again, to our speakers for sharing their insights, to KPMG for hosting the event and to the audience for its active participation.

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