Collaborate to Innovate TV Forum

23 January 2024 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

SMU Yong Pung How School of Law Building

Lights, Camera, Action!

Yesterday afternoon the winners of the 2023 SICC Awards for Collaborative Innovation provided the learning component of our awards programme. They shared their collaboration stories with all their challenges and how they overcame them so more of you can benefit from their experiences. This is what differentiates the Chamber’s awards from most other programmes: our commitment to enabling you to learn from our winners to encourage more businesses to collaborate to innovate. No business no matter how big or small can do everything by itself. We all need each other to work together to achieve new products, services and capabilities and bring them to market faster.

Hosted by our venue partner, Singapore Management University Yong Pung How School of Law and recorded by our media partner, Channel NewsAsia, the stars of our show were:-

⭐Ms. Rachel Lee, Managing Director, SC Auto Industries (Singapore),

⭐Mr. Lenz Low, Senior Manager, Singapore Ink Operations, HP Singapore,

⭐Mr. Ng Pei Kang, Chief Executive Officer, TRIA,

⭐Mr. George Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Sea Forrest Technologies,

⭐Ms. Florence Leong, Co-Founder & Director, Kosmode Health Singapore – and their collaborating partners in the audience:

⭐Ms. Marishya Wilhelmina, Director, Volvo Buses Asia Pacific Central Region,

⭐Mr. Achuth Das, Country Manager, Volvo Buses Singapore,

⭐Mr. Werner Prinsloo, Director, New Value Chain Business, Yara International,

⭐Mr. Chan Eng Yew, Chief Executive Officer, Strategic Marine and

The sharing was authentic and the insights on building rapport and trust to enable each collaboration shone through as did the hard work needed to overcome challenges both expected and unexpected. The panel and audience conversation was masterfully helmed by our expert moderator, ⭐Ms. Wong Su-Yen, Immediate Past Chairperson, Singapore Institute of Directors, Board Director, academic and entrepreneur. The Chamber thanks all our stars for sharing and helping us all learn.

You can learn too by watching the CNA premiere telecast, Collaborate to Innovate: Achieving Positive Outcomes, on 14 March 2024 at 7pm. You are in for a treat and will gain insights into the strategies employed and the culture developed to enable creative innovation through collaboration. You will hear about the important lessons learned and the positive outcomes achieved for each of our stars as individuals, for their teams and for their businesses.

We would like to express our gratitude to all our stars for their openness, our venue partner SMU for being a wonderful host, the entire team led by ⭐Suresh at our media partner Channel NewsAsia and our studio audience for helping us bring our winners’ learning to you. Lastly, we will be launching the 2024 SICC Awards – the 9th annual edition – soon and look forward to your participation.

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