Cinema, Cognitive Science & Workforce Transformation

19 April 2023 12:00 pm

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

At lunch today we explored how to transform a workforce by changing behaviours and mindsets through effective training. Mr. Anthony Hayward, Co-Founder & CEO, Hardskills advocated scalable learning is the key: that is, train everyone. This is best done by teaching the desired behaviours multiple times so they are retained in our long-term memory. This cognitive and scientific approach is best delivered online by using a cinematic approach which enables learning because it is engaging. Visual cues help humans process information – that is why storytelling has been so effective since the dawn of time. Anthony made the point that most existing forms of training are ineffective because they transfer information which is quickly forgotten. Effective training is all about helping people to think.

After his presentation, Anthony was joined by Mr. Sunil Setlur, Advisor, Group CEO Office, GoTo, and Mr. Victor Goh, CEO, Supply Chain & Logistics Academy / Head of Learning and Development, YCH Group in a panel conversation about their companies’ approaches to training and how cognitive science and cinematic approaches help cultivate new skills that stick and develop new mindsets to bring about workforce transformation.

Here are some key insights:
• The ability to think critically and innovatively is the competitive advantage of organizations.
• Creative methods must be employed to develop meaningful and effective training programmes.
• Results are not immediate. Repetition, reinforcement and engagement are rituals to drive mental growth and creative thinking.

Many thanks to Hardskills for sponsoring the lunchtime talk, to our panel for sharing their perspectives and to our guests for a lively discussion.

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