Collaboration Description

Mason Partners Consulting is a professional sales ,business training and consulting company based in Australia.We cover all of SEA as required.
We run seminars and workshops that are 1-2 days long using the professional content of global trainer and presenter Brian Tracy from audio visual materials. Workshops and interaction follows each module conducted by the trainer who has 27 years in the professional selling B2B industry.

Seminars can be run in a clients own meeting rooms or in outside venues as selected by the client.

We need to collaborate with a local Singapore company that ideally has a wide SEA or local client base. They have a professional, trusting interaction with their clients in a development role or with offering professional services.

Once contacts are made and conditions concluded with yje end client we can connect to run seminars in a joint matter with the clients or to industry groups..A mutual return can be discussed for mutual benefit with the collaborating partner. We provide the workbooks and training materials.

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