Who We Are

Who are SICC's Members?

No other voluntary business association in Singapore has such a diverse membership which represents all sectors of the economy. 50% of member companies are Singaporean owned businesses and 50% are foreign owned. Half of the Chamber’s members are large organizations, including most multinationals and the other half medium, small and start-up companies.

What’s the SICC advantage?

The Chamber and its members have been helping businesses and Singapore since 1837. Across the years, SICC remains a consistently credible advocate for business interests and for Singapore to policymakers and investors, respectively.

The Chamber is not just Singapore’s longest-serving, independent business association, SICC is also its most inclusive. Because it does not operate in silos, the Chamber provides one of the very best platforms anywhere for meaningful B2B engagement keeping open the doors to business.

How does SICC create value for its members?

SICC collaborates with its members and partners to create value not just for its own members but for the wider business community as well. It does so by delivering sometimes challenging (see the section on advocacy) but always business relevant content via a wide variety of events/webinars.

The focus on content is continued in 10 interest groups which provide members with opportunities to network, learn from one another, to share expertise and to drive thought leadership.

Finally, the annual SICC Awards for Collaborative Innovation are the most relevant business awards today. Not only do they celebrate and recognize successful commercial collaborations which drive business innovation, they facilitate community learning and encourage emulation.

History of SICC

8 February 1837

The Singapore Chamber of Commerce was founded by a small group of British merchants based in the then Settlement of Singapore. They came together to stand up for their businesses and for Singapore. Their collaboration saved Singapore’s free port status, paving the way for the longest period of sustained development and population growth in the island’s long history.

1837 – 1937

The Chamber made use of its extensive influence to help businesses and to promote Singapore.

Post-Second World War

Political and constitutional developments brought many changes to the Chamber – which became much less of a British institution as more international and local companies joined as members.


The Chamber changed its name to Singapore International Chamber of Commerce. This reflected its service to foreign companies invited by the government to establish themselves in Singapore as a key component of Singapore’s economic development. The inclusion of the word international also reflects those Singapore companies which internationalize their businesses.

Present Day SICC

The Chamber’s mission remains the same: to help businesses and to promote Singapore. What is different are the ways in which it delivers on its mission. What will always stay the same is its ability and willingness to help and its continual reinvention to stay topical and relevant to Singapore and to its business community.