Legal Services Interest Group Meeting

Tony Grundy, Counsel, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto (Singapore) LLP and Associate Professor Burton Ong, National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law conducted a joint webinar on interpretation of contracts under English law and Singapore law, and how it affects the drafting process. Allen & Gledhill Partner, Lim Lei Theng, moderated the questions & answers (Q&A) session which followed the main presentation.

Aimed at younger lawyers, the session covered general principles that a young drafter should bear in mind, including the principles that the court will not rewrite the contract, only the written contract as executed is relevant and the court will apply “ordinary and natural meaning” to words used. The session also covered some hot topics such as the English courts’ requirement for strict compliance with notice clauses and no oral modification clauses.

Allen & Geldhill LLP hosted the webinar via Zoom.

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