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SICC SME Committee Meeting

Posted on 3/22/2017
The committee had discussions on potential SME-centric initiatives to pursue.

Countdown - SICC MemberCONNECT Issue #132

Posted on 3/21/2017
As you can imagine, my team and I are counting down to the Chamber’s 180th Anniversary Gala Dinner. It’s been a year in the planning and will take place this Friday, 24 March 2017.

International Business Opportunities - E-Newsletter

Posted on 3/20/2017
The latest issue of International Business Opportunities is now available. Updated fortnightly, this e-newsletter provides you with information on overseas events as well as trade opportunities from partners, trade associations and embassies.

SICC Industrialist Committee Meeting

Posted on 3/15/2017
A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) shared with the committee its initiatives to support Singapore’s manufacturing industry.

Only re-use - SICC MemberCONNECT Issue #131

Posted on 3/14/2017
It won’t be long before we have more plastics than fish in the world’s oceans unless we radically re-think waste management. Join us at our 6 April 2017 event entitled: “Can Singapore do for Waste what it has done for Water?” to learn more.

E-Commerce, ASEAN Economic Integration, and Competition Policy and Law: 16 Mar

Posted on 3/8/2017
The Symposium will cover topics on • Tracking and measurement of e-Commerce activities in ASEAN countries • Role of e-Commerce in ASEAN economic integration • E-Commerce and its impact on competition in markets within ASEAN countries. Read more

Plugging the gaps - SICC MemberCONNECT Issue #130

Posted on 3/7/2017
In the Budget Statement there’s talk about the role which TACs should play. What practical assistance do you need from SICC to help in your restructuring/transformation journey? What should SICC be looking at/delivering that it is not already doing

SICC ASEAN Committee Meeting

Posted on 3/6/2017
Mr Glenn Guieb Peñaranda, Commercial Counsellor, Philippine Trade & Investment Centre (PTIC), shared Philippines’s plans and priorities for ASEAN as it assumes chairmanship this year. He was joined by the Philippine Ambassador to Singapore.

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