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Revolutionising Recruitment – SICC MemberCONNECT Issue #184

Posted on 3/20/2018
It is very encouraging that more companies, just like your Chamber, practise competency-based recruitment, because it is the fair and just way to recruit.

SICC Circular Economy Committee Meeting

Posted on 3/19/2018
Members of this new Committee met for the first time to discuss proposed initiatives and action plan for 2018.

Strategy Execution – SICC MemberCONNECT Issue #183

Posted on 3/13/2018
Your Chamber's first Leadership Series in 2018 will focus on effective strategy execution, one of the most important abilities of a successful business leader. On 4 April, Mr Robin Speculand will share his views on this topic.

SICC Human Capital Workgroup Committee Meeting on Diversity & Inclusiveness (D & I)

Posted on 3/12/2018
Workgroup Members met to discuss the scope and set clear achievable goals over the next few months.

Manpower – SICC MemberCONNECT Issue #182

Posted on 3/6/2018
Can Singapore really have a sustainably vibrant and innovative economy with lean manpower? Let us know what your thoughts are.

SICC Tax Policy Committee Meeting

Posted on 3/6/2018
Members discussed the feedback to the Public Consultation on Draft GST Guide.

International Business Opportunities - E-Newsletter

Posted on 3/5/2018
The latest issue of International Business Opportunities is now available. Updated fortnightly, this e-newsletter provides you with information on overseas events as well as trade opportunities from partners, trade associations and embassies.

Driving HR Automation

Posted on 3/1/2018
The Chamber celebrated the Lunar New Year with a lunch-time talk for HR practitioners at Tower Club on 28 February.

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