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Notification on Smart eCO

Electronic Certificate of Origin via new Smart-eCO System. SICC has begun approving certificates of origin on a new electronic certificate (e-certificate) of origin system (Smart ecoSystem) using blockchain technology since June 2018.

SICC Digitalization Committee Meeting

Posted on 9/19/2018
Members welcomed Mr. Rajnish Kapur, Director, Cyber Security, KPMG Services Pte Ltd, where he presented on the landscape of Cyber Security titled ‘Effective Security in a Volatile World’.

Differently Abled Talent – SICC MemberCONNECT Issue #210

Posted on 9/18/2018
This week I bring a message from our partner SPD which does great work to place differently abled people in purposeful jobs.

International Business Opportunities - E-Newsletter

Posted on 9/17/2018
The latest issue of International Business Opportunities is now available. Updated fortnightly, this e-newsletter provides you with information on overseas events as well as trade opportunities from partners, trade associations and embassies.

Workplace Safety – SICC MemberCONNECT Issue #209

Posted on 9/11/2018
The level 1 Workplace Safety and Health Council's (WSHC's) bizSAFE capability programme will be held on 20 Sep and WSHC is offering the workshop to all Chamber members free of charge.

Developing Talent – SICC MemberCONNECT Issue #208

Posted on 9/4/2018
There is never enough talent especially when you are expanding and need trusted talent to manage overseas offices. Join us on 8 Oct to learn more about the SEA Talent Development Programmes by Enterprise Singapore.

SICC Budget 2019 Wish List

Posted on 9/3/2018
It is a pleasure to share our 2019 Budget Wish List with all members. It was submitted to the Ministry of Finance and to IRAS on 3 September 2018.

Increased Visibility – SICC MemberCONNECT Issue #207

Posted on 8/28/2018
I am delighted to announce that MediaCorp's Channel NewsAsia is the Official Media Partner for the Chamber's 2019 SICC Awards.

SICC Collaborative Innovation Committee Meeting

Posted on 8/27/2018
Members of the Committee visited Leica Instruments (S) Pte Ltd on their collaboration with Fagerdala Singapore Pte Ltd.

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