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30 AUG 2022  |  ISSUE 416

Dear Members and Friends

Right now in Singapore we have NTUC talking about #EveryWorkerMatters and the need for a new workers’ compact with their employers. We have an Alliance for Action on Purposeful Business: businesses going beyond profit to serve the community in which they live and work. We have an alarming and increasing number of workers dying on the job because health and safety are an afterthought instead of a compliance process.

The 1 answer to all these workplace issues is for every senior leadership team in every business, irrespective of ownership structure, sector or size, to collaborate with their teams and co-create and sustain a positive workplace culture. It is the 1 solution that everyone is running around looking for.

On 25 August we proved that whether you are a large business like Prudential Assurance Singapore or a smaller business like the Achieve Group, size does not matter. Culture and leadership, including self-leadership at all levels, matter.

How long are we going to run around pretending to need separate answers to any number of issues when every senior leadership team has it within their power to address each and every issue? A positive workplace culture is a workers’ compact. A positive workplace culture is a business which gives back to the community in which it lives and works. A positive workplace culture is one which looks after its workers so they don’t die on the job.

If any business needs help with understanding how to implement a positive workplace culture, feel free to ask me.

Yours faithfully
Victor Mills
Chief Executive

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