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 10 OCT 2023  |  ISSUE 474

Dear Members and Friends

Mental health should be a universal human right. It is not yet so in every business and in every society. Today marks the observance of World Mental Health Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues and promoting mental well-being.

Mental health and well-being are critical components of a healthy and productive workplace. Covid-19 made more people than ever before aware of how important it is to establish clear boundaries between work and personal life. It is an essential aspect of achieving a healthy, work-life integration. This means setting realistic expectations for ourselves and others, prioritizing tasks, making time efficiency a goal, delivering on our responsibilities and learning to say no firmly and politely.

It is good to see so many more businesses recognizing mental wellbeing as an important contributor to personal and commercial success. It is sad so many deal with it as a symptom and ignore the root causes: insecure people managers leading to a toxic work environment. If workplace culture is optimal, everyone would be mentally and physically healthy.

So, on this World Mental Health Day take a look at yourself and the workplace culture in your business. Ask yourself what can I change about myself to enable better outcomes for others? What can I do to improve the lived experience of every colleague in the business? What can I do to deal with the root causes of mental illness not just the symptoms.

Yours faithfully
Victor Mills
Chief Executive


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