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9 MAY 2023  |  ISSUE 452

Dear Members and Friends

We want to follow up last week’s issue on engaging talent to provide you with the recipe for positive workplace culture.

1 Board of Directors
1 Senior Leadership Team
All other people managers in your company
All other team members in your company
1 set of agreed values and behaviours
1 set of functioning whistleblowing mechanisms
1 set of interventions to help the abused and the abusers
A large measure of courage to apply interventions irrespective of seniority or revenue generation
A large measure of consistency
Self-leadership from everyone
Unambiguous communication


  • Your Board and Senior Leadership Team decide on the values your business wants to uphold and the desired behaviours to demonstrate those values which everyone will be expected to consistently practice.

  • The Senior Leadership Team communicates the values and behaviours to everyone in your company and seeks feedback to make sure nothing important to the teams has been omitted inadvertently.

  • Your Board and Senior Leadership Team assesses the teams’ feedback and incorporates all that is reasonable into a final set of agreed values and behaviours, ensures there are functioning whistleblowing mechanisms to report non-compliance and agrees a set of interventions to help the abused and the abusers.

  • The Senior Leadership Team unambiguously communicates all of the above to everyone in your company in split level meetings team by team. Repeat often and hold separate sessions for all people managers to ensure uniformity of experience for all teams.

  • Make the desired behaviours part of every person’s KPIs to encourage self-leadership from everyone.

  • The Senior Leadership Team courageously deal with all incidents of non-compliance and apply appropriate interventions regardless of seniority and revenue generation.

When implemented consistently this recipe for positive workplace culture is, in a very real sense, a risk management tool as well as a tool to promote and sustain fair hiring and promotion, racial harmony, local and foreign talent integration and retention as well as workplace health and safety. This way precious human talent will be engaged, retained and not wasted and your company will achieve its commercial and societal goals.

Is this easy? No, but it is both necessary and possible.                                              

Yours faithfully
Victor Mills
Chief Executive

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