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5 APR 2022  |  ISSUE 395

Dear Members and Friends

One of the most important issues in our society for today and for the future is integrating local and foreign talent for business and societal progress. It must never start or become a “them and us” dynamic because that simply promotes division rather than integration and unity. Integration should always be seen as “about us all” – about everyone who works in Singapore for Team Singapore for however long they do so. That is the way business strategies are successfully executed and positive outcomes accrue for everyone, every business and for society at large.

Whose responsibility is it to achieve an “about us all” integration? Every single one of us, every single day in every single interaction we have with each other. If we all treated people the way we would like to be treated, we, our workplaces and society would be happier and more successful.

Every business has the self interest to take responsibility for facilitating optimal integration too. As I have argued in several past articles, the best way to achieve optimal integration is for every board and senior leadership team to collaborate with their teams to co-create and co-sustain a positive workplace culture.

Outside of work, integration cannot be mandated or forced. There needs to be a welcome and an openness to learn from existing members of Team Singapore and a genuine interest on the part of new members of Team Singapore to engage, contribute, learn and integrate into the community. It always takes two hands to clap.

This topic of integration will definitely come up for discussion at our 7 April Dialogue with the Minister for Manpower. Scroll down to Upcoming Events for details. I hope to see you there.

Yours faithfully
Victor Mills
Chief Executive

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21 April 2022
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6 May 2022
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