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Issue 159, 26 Sep 2017

Dear Members and Friends of SICC

The other day a prospective member asked me “Why should I join SICC? I already belong to two other chambers.” Here’s how I answered him in case any of you are asking yourselves the same question:

I lead a team which has worked with me and our Board over the last three years to transform our Chamber platform into the most inclusive in Singapore. SICC cuts across all potential silos of ethnicity, nationality and business sector. The Chamber represents all types and sizes of local and foreign businesses from one to two people start ups to multinationals. We are not a huge chamber but neither are we a minnow with 660 company members.

My team and I are purposeful and active. We don’t want to do everything because, like you, we can’t. We’re not superhuman. Instead, we focus relentlessly on three main topics which are directly linked to sustaining Singapore’s economy and are relevant to all our members irrespective of company size or sector: 

Human Capital:  because  all  businesses need  engaged teams and the right  kind of leaders.  We  look  at  how human  capital  is  educated, recruited, developed  and  led with a special  emphasis  on  selfless  rather than selfish  leadership.

Collaborative Innovation: because all businesses need continual innovation to sustain themselves and to grow and because the fastest way to innovate is to collaborate. www.siccawards.com.sg

Circular Economy: because the business opportunities inherent in solving the pressure on this planet’s resources constitute Industrial Revolution 5.0. You heard it here first.

These are the reasons why you should join SICC and stay a member of SICC.

Have another great week ahead.

Warmest regards

Victor Mills
Chief Servant 


Strategy Execution: The Key To Competitive Advantage, 3 October 2017
Most strategies fail because they are not fully or properly executed. Join us for the first of two sessions this year on the all-important topic of “Moving from Strategic Planning to Strategic Execution”.  Read more

Thinking – An Imperative Skill to Harness, 5 October 2017
Attend this interactive workshop conducted by Dr Indigo Triplett, CEO of 4D Performance, to understand why individuals, in general, are not taught to think and how to develop good thinking skills.   Read more

The Power of Humour & Laughter During Crises, 11 October 2017
TEDx speaker, Eyal Eltawil, will demonstrate how humour can help you and your employees deal with challenges both in the workplace and in your personal lives. Read more

Design Thinking: Strategy for Innovation, 12 October 2017

This seminar will allow you to gain a deeper appreciation of the potential of Design Thinking as a methodology for business innovation.  Read more

Financial Well-being in the Workplace: 13 October 2017
Find out how you can help create an optimal workplace environment that addresses the financial concerns of your team members so that they can be free to concentrate on creating value for your business.  Read more

Safeguarding Your Family Legacy, 24 October 2017
Proper planning allows you to protect what you have built and pass it on to the ones you cherish the most. Understand how Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and Advanced Medical Directive (AMD) can create a complete solution to your estate planning and asset protection needs.  Read more

Distinguished Speaker Series: CEO of Future-Moves Group,
Mr Devadas Krishnadas, 25 October 2017

Multiple shake ups in the past year have resulted in shifts in the economic, political and security parameters. What are the implications for Singapore and for ASEAN? Join us at this dialogue with Mr Krishnadas as he provides his insights into today’s new world order to help businesses stay ahead of the curve.  Read more

Harnessing Independent Talents for Your Business, 27 October 2017
As the talent war gears into a new employment model, find out what lies ahead in the regulatory environment for freelancers and buyers of their services, and also what you can do to best prepare your business.  Read more

Dialogue with the Ministry of Education, 31 October 2017

The year’s annual dialogue with the Ministry of Education will focus on how to promote the culture of developing passion in learning and the entrepreneurial spirit amongst our young.  
Read more

ATA Carnet Seminar: The Passport for Goods, 23 November 2017
Understand how the ATA Carnet works, and how your business can benefit from using it. This half-day seminar will equip participants with all they need to know to apply for and use the ATA Carnet.  Read more

Distinguished Speaker Series: Dr Vivian Balakrishnan,
27 November 2017

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Foreign Affairs, will share his thoughts on ASEAN as it marks its golden jubilee this year. This closed-door dialogue is exclusive to members. Chatham house rules apply.  
Read more

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