Late Application Procedures

It is considered a late application when you are applying for a CO after the 3rd week but within 3 months from the date of shipment. Please observe the time limit of 3 months from the date of shipment.

When such a CO is approved and issued, it shall be marked “Issued Retrospectively”.

Documents Required

1. An additional standard Letter of Declaration and Indemnity (Annex VI) is required for CO issued retrospectively to:

  • Confirm that no CO has already been issued earlier for the shipment, and
  • Give the reason for the late application (to enclose letter of request from the foreign buyer, where appropriate).

2. Copy of signed Bill of Lading/Airway Biil; and
3. Any other documents necessary

Please scan (for eCO application) or submit (for manual application) the originals of supporting documents where applicable. If they are not available, photocopies are acceptable provided they are clear, marked and signed “Certified True Copy” by an authorized signatory and stamped with the company’s official rubber stamp.