ATA Carnet - Your Passport to World Trade

The latest edition, incorporating a User's Guide is now available.

A valuable reference for overseas exhibitors, travelling business/sales executives, professional individuals and teams, such as, film crew, photographers, engineers, artists, entertainers, sportsmen, etc.:

Contents include:
  • Definition Of An ATA Carnet
  • The 74 Participating Countries Of the ATA International Guarantee Chain Accepting ATA Carnets
  • Users Of ATA Carnets
  • Typical Items Covered By ATA Carnets
  • Items Not Covered By ATA Carnets
  • Advantages Of Using An ATA Carnet
  • Validity Period Of An ATA Carnet
  • Conditions To Be Observed By An ATA Carnet Holder
  • Format Of The ATA Carnet
  • Guide To Using An ATA Carnet
  • Applicants Should Note
  • Liability Of ATA Carnet Holders
  • Administration Of ATA Carnets
  • Application Procedure For An ATA Carnet
  • The Guarantee Period
  • Processing Time For An ATA Carnet
  • Cost Of An ATA Carnet 

For further information, please contact:

SICC Certification Hotline: 6500 0950

Price: S$9.00
Member's price: S$5.50

(Inclusive of GST but excludes postage handling charges)

Available from the Chamber's Secretariat.

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