Innovation Series: Bosch

28 October 2016
Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd

The SICC Innovation Series showcases inspiring, innovative stories of today's successful businesses. On 28 October, member Bosch hosted an exciting afternoon sharing session on their newly-developed open framework for collaborative innovation. This is a joint project between Bosch and their partners and the framework was successfully tested with a pilot project. 

Amine Kamel, Head Business Development and Sales Automotive Electronics, shared the benefits of the framework, in particular, its ability to link non-competing MNCs, SMEs and individual entrepreneurs to unite their diverse strengths. He also candidly shared many of their learning points, including challenges that were faced during the course of the project and how the team overcame them.

There are many ways a business can innovate but the biggest breakthroughs often happen when networks such as Bosch’s are formed and like-minded people join forces to exchange ideas and information. So much more value can be achieved from collaborative innovation than from the one genius who works alone. By combining the nimbleness of start-ups and scalability of corporates, businesses can create valuable disruptive innovations and even entirely new markets.

Following the presentation, members went on a guided tour of Bosch’s innovative facilities and learnt how Bosch designs, develops and operates innovative software and system solutions to connect industries and innovate business processes.

The Chamber would like to thank Bosch for their warm hospitality during this visit and for taking time to sharing their innovation story with fellow members. For those who have missed this event, you may click here to download the presentation deck.