Cyber Security Series: The Value of Crisis Management

8 November 2016
Deloitte Singapore

For the final 2016 Cyber Security Series of Masterclasses, participants were taken on a tour of Deloitte’s highly secured Cyber Security Operations Centre. They experienced first hand how Deloitte carries out its security monitoring and incident response activities.

This was followed by a presentation on crisis management by Edna Yap and Leslie Moller, Directors of Deloitte Risk Advisory. They provided useful and practical tips on how an organisation can put together a detailed and actionable response plan by identifying the roles and responsibilities of those who should be involved, communicating effectively during a crisis as well as following up after the incident. Click here for the presentation slides.

There are many organisations with some level of cyber incident response capabilities today, but they are often focused on short-term responses and IT issues. To keep an incident from becoming a crisis goes beyond the initial responses. It is crucial to start with managing an incident before, during and after it unfolds. 

We would like to thank Deloitte for sponsoring our 2016 Cyber Security Series. Fellow members have greatly benefited from the knowledge and expertise shared during these 4 sessions. We hope that through this series of masterclasses, businesses have heightened awareness of the devastating implications cyber attacks can have on an organisation’s bottom line and reputation and greater impetus to include cyber security as one of the organisation’s main priorities.