21 September 2017 Women in Leadership Series: Ms Goh Swee Chen

27 September 2017 C-Suite Networking Night: Non-transferable Invitations

3 October 2017 Strategy Execution: The Key To Competitive Advantage

5 October 2017 Thinking - An Imperative Skill To Harness

11 October 2017 The Power of Humour & Laughter During Crises

12 October 2017 Design Thinking: Strategy for Innovation

13 October 2017 Financial Well-being in the Workplace

24 October 2017 Safeguarding Your Family Legacy

25 October 2017 Distinguished Speaker Series: Mr Devadas Krishnadas

27 October 2017 Harnessing Independent Talents for Your Business

3 November 2017 Innovation Series: PestBusters

9 November 2017 Data Analytics for HR

15 November 2017 C-Suite Networking Night: Non-transferable Invitations
Sponsored by St James's Place (Singapore) Private Limited
17 November 2017 Building an Enlivening Culture for Breakthrough Performance

22 November 2017 Women in Leadership Series
Ms Sue Kyung Lee, Vice President, P&G Global
23 November 2017 ATA Carnet Seminar: The Passport for Goods

27 November 2017 Distinguished Speaker Series: Dr Vivian Balakrishnan

1 December 2017 Strategy Execution: The Key to Competitive Advantage
Enabling Strategy Execution

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