Advantages of using the ATA or TDB/BOFT Carnet

  • Eliminates payment of duties and taxes.

  • Helps businesses to internationalize.

  • Cuts out the need for a Customs declaration at each customs check point.

  • Allows the use of a single document for all customs transactions.

  • Cuts out the need for a cash deposit or a guarantee in some form to be lodged when bringing goods into the country of temporary importation.

  • Reduces time/customs clearance costs.

  • Permits commercial or professional travellers and exhibitors to make customs arrangements in advance for a country or countries they intend to visit.

  • Permits them to make these arrangements in Singapore quickly and at a pre-determined cost.

  • Also permits travellers the use of a single ATA carnet for goods which will pass through several customs check points during the course of one trip.