SICC Present and Future

The Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) was founded in Singapore in 1837. It is a wholly independent, non-profit business association.

SICC began by standing up for Singapore as a business hub and for its members’ business interests. This is still its mission today. SICC achieves its mission by understanding its members’ business concerns. It advocates these to the government with the aims of achieving greater mutual understanding and practical solutions. This win-win approach benefits policymakers and the businesses which sustain Singapore’s economy. SICC members include global corporations, large local companies as well as SMEs from 20 industries. The Chamber also works to facilitate international trade via its Certification Services.


Frequently asked questions

What sets SICC apart from other business associations?

In addition to our mission and our continuity as part of the nation, SICC’s Board of Directors is a key differentiator. Comprising representatives of the very best of corporate Singapore, the SICC Board’s high calibre, contacts and credibility add value to the Chamber. They allow fellow Chamber members greater access to senior government and business personalities. All volunteers, the Board of Directors dedicate their energy, time and wisdom to further the SICC mission.

What does the SICC Secretariat do?

The Secretariat’s role is to serve Chamber members by executing SICC’s mission. The Secretariat strives to continually increase its professionalism, its pro-activeness and its responsiveness to the needs of the members it serves. Whether it is conceptualizing and delivering relevant events or responding to government requests for feedback in a timely way, the Secretariat works with Chamber members to ensure it is abreast of all key business developments.

Who can become a member?

All companies with a business in Singapore can apply for membership. Honorary membership is extended to ambassadors, high commissioners and trade commissioners from many countries to benefit members with a truly international reach.